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Conch Salad

“Sundays, boaters and tourists alike line up for the pig roast at Stocking Island’s Chat ‘n’ Chill just across from Exuma’s main harbor. With its open-air bar, outdoor grill, volleyball beach and waterside conch-salad shack, the place feels destined to become a Jimmy Buffett song.”

Washington Times

Chat N Chill Conch Bar, Stocking Island, Exuma, Bahamas

The Conch Bar by Jeanette Walker

Freshly Made Conch Salad available daily at The Conch Bar

  • Conch salad
  • Scorched conch (a Bahamian favorite pronounced “scotch”)
  • Vegetable salad
Conch Shells tied down for conch salad at the Chat N Chill, Stocking Island, Exuma, Bahamas

Conch Shells, photo by Ryann Anderson


Experience a Bahamian tradition and learn how the conch is taken straight from the sea, cracked, and broken ou tof its natural shell habitat right before your eyes. The conch man then skins the conch, washes it, scores it and chops it up and prepares it with locally grown onions, tomatoes, sweet (green) peppers, goat peppers and Bahamian sea salt for your conch salad.  Top it off with a squeeze of fresh lime and orange to tantalize your taste buds…YUM!

Remember to feed our friendly stingrayssome of the scraps from the skinning process of the conch salad:-)

Preparing Conch Salad at the Chat N Chill, Stocking Island, Exuma, Bahamas

Preparing Conch Salad, photo by Ryann Anderson