Beach Bar, Beach Shop and Destination Wedding Studio on Stocking Island ~ Exuma, Bahamas

The Chillologists

Our friendly team of Chillologists™ strive to keep all of our guests happy and returning year after year. We gave everyone the option of writing their bio/story about themselves or just some highlights. Read on to get to know The Chillologists™ before you get here.



The Chillologists™ of Chat 'N' Chill™ by Rob Parham

The Bar:


Kendal Wallace, Master Mixologist

photo of cool kendal the master mixologist in his shades and conch republic hat

Kendal Wallace by Rob Parham

A desire to be an Ambassador for his country, coupled with his love for meeting people from all around the world helped to shape Kendal’s wish to be a Bartender/Mixologist. This love has endured for more than thirty years, and has taken Kendal to many countries to meet people who have enjoyed his numerous unique and tasty concoctions. Additionally, his love for languages and diverse cultures led him to travel to Mexico, Cuba, Guadeloupe and The Dominican Republic, which helped intensify his appreciation for his country and its people.

Physical fitness is of paramount importance to Kendal. His creed “age ain’ t nothing but a number” bears witness to the discipline and dedication he has for the martial arts. Kendal is a second degree black belt in Jui Jitsu and Shotokan Karate. This dedication and self-confidence is evident in any interaction one might experience with Kendal. Daily, you may meet Kendal behind the bar at Chat ‘N’ Chill™ singing a popular Bahamian song or dancing around. Not to worry that he will take care of you and make you something special, as he prides himself with outstanding customer satisfaction and consistent positive customer reviews and feedback.

Kendal says, “Life is what you make of it. When offered lemons– make lemonade.” Over the years, Kendal has endeavored in entrepreneurial aspirations in partnership with his brothers owning and managing a successful retail liquor and convenience store. His most recent venture, Wallace Painting and Tiling, with his brother Godfrey “Gully” completed the new Chat ‘N’ Chill™ Conch Bar. When not at Chat ‘N’ Chill™, you can find Kendal busy growing his e-commerce business. Kendal also enjoys sailing, traveling, reading, socializing, and the martial arts.


The Grill

Ulrick Laurore, The Grill Master

smiling photo of ulrick the grill master at chat n chill bahamas

Ulrick Laurore, photo by Rob Parham

  • Born in Haiti
  • Enjoys working at Chat ‘N’ Chill™
  • Loves making the customers happy
  • Loves the beach
  • Loves being with his family & friends
  • Loves meeting people from different parts of the world
  • Wants to be rich


photo of dor gilbert smiling

Gilbert, photo by Rob Parham

Dor Gilbert

  • Born in Haiti
  • Loves his job
  • Loves his family
  • Loves Chat ‘N’ Chill™
  • Loves meeting different people
  • Loves traveling
  • Likes playing volleyball

Melila Chereme

  • Born in Haiti
  • Married to a landscaper
  • Has eight children
  • Loves cooking
  • Loves her family
  • Prides herself on being an honest worker
  • Loves her job at Chat ‘N’ Chill™

The Grounds


Rock Fenelon

  • Born in Haiti
  • Loves working
  • Married to a merchant
  • Has five kids
  • Loves the beach
  • Loves the customers
  • Loves to travel

The Interns

photo of basketball player and track athlete alex louital

Alex Louital, photo by Rob Parham

Alex Louital

  • Born in Nassau, Bahamas
  • Very Respectful
  • Capable of almost any job
  • Enjoys playing basketball and running track
  • Loves going to the beach
  • Loves working at Chat ‘N’ Chill™
  • Believes that people can change

photo of basketball player and track athlete davidson

Davidson Louital, phot by Rob Parham

Davidson Louital

  • Born in Nassau, Bahamas
  • Plays basketball and runs track & field in high school
  • Enjoys going to party and meeting new people
  • Loves eating at Chat ‘N’ Chill™
  • Is capable of doing any challenge
  • Wants to travel and see the world
  • Misses his Mom and Dad
  • Speaks more than one language
  • Wants to become an NBA player

photo of happy boy smiling

Delano, photo by Rob Parham

Kenneth Delano Bowe, Jr.
(He goes by Delano and will answer to Super Beach Boy)

  • Born in Nassau, Bahamas
  • Loves fast boats, airplanes, seaplanes and sharks
  • Took his first boat ride at 3 weeks old to spend Christmas day at Chat ‘N’ Chill™
  • Loves to swim with the Stingrays and play at the beach all day
  • Also known as the Stingray Feeding Trainer
  • Will happily show new “kid” guests to the lay of the land at Chat ‘N’ Chill™
  • Would only eat conch salad, hot dogs and chocolate if allowed
  • Is bossy and likes to give orders, but
  • Doesn’t like it and will get mad if you call him “Baby Boss”

Kenneth (KB) and Kwanza (Clay) Bowe

photo of kwanza and kenneth bowe owners of Chat and Chill™ bahamas with yacht in Elizabeth Harbour

  • R/O Water, Pigs and Travel were the beginnings of their romance
  • Investing in South African wines turned out to be a good return for Kwanza
  • Investing in travel and long distance calls turned out to be a good return for Kenneth
  • Were married at on the beach at Chat ‘N’ Chill™
  • Love to meet new people and chat ‘n’ chill with them
  • Are happy to have you come for a visit
  • Are ready to show you a great time
  • Are gracious for all of your business
  • We give thanks to each of you for sharing your memories with us