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Feeding the Stingrays by Ryann Anderson

Mar 20, 2010 | Filed Under Blog, slideshow 

One of the reasons people come across the harbour to Stocking Island is to have a look at our resident stingrays (some refer to them as manta rays).  These beautiful and gentle sea creatures are especially delighted when guest feeds them scraps that are discarded from the conch salad making process.  They also like to hang around and may swim under you when you are playing or relaxing in the water close by the shore.  Don’t be afraid though they are mostly friendly, although I wouldn’t test them by grabbing their tail or anything.  Thanks Shari for sharing this photo of the young girl feeding the stingrays.  We used this one on the brochure too:-)


  • I'll be there in a couple weeks! Looking forward to the adventure. Cheers!

  • Island Mommy

    Thanks for your visit. KB said it was a pleasure meeting you. I am just returning from Maternity! Hope you will visit with us again!