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Lisa Gant and Alex Pelling’s Chat ‘N’ Chill® Exuma Bahamas Wedding

Posted on December 13th, 2013 | Bahamas wedding,Vow Renewal Category

Lisa Gant and Alex Pelling, we miss you here in Exuma, Bahamas, the location of your 34th Junkanoo themed destination wedding!

Lisa and Alex on Volleyball Beach. Photo credit: Images by Alexander

I must admit that while we had an inspiration to be a part of your globe-trotting wedding adventure story from initially learning about your very unique story in search for the most off-the-beaten path, non-traditional wedding locations, we did not really know what a phenomenon that your story was!
Our attraction to you and your story is so natural and appropriate for us at Chat ‘N’ Chill® and inviting you to have a destination wedding here in The Bahamas…being free. Free from the pressures to please, free to create exactly what you want, free to explore and adventure.  Exuma is a magnet for world travelers, freedom seekers and adventurers. I think that this blog post of yours about how to escape the rat race, chart your own course to see the world and get off the grid pretty much sums it up.
We are so very happy and touched to see how your initial inspirations of freedom and travel have taken you to see and experience so many countries and cultures. Mostly, we are honored that you made the time on your global wedding journey to visit our beautiful islands of The Exumas and Exuma Cays in The Bahamas.
More than that, everyone should know that while this escapade may seem some what self-serving {as we all are…aren’t you, too?!}, however Lisa & Alex’s odyssey is also benefitting the UNICEF.Read More

Lisa Gant & Alex Pelling’s Authentic Bahamas Wedding Adventure

Posted on May 29th, 2013 | Blog Category



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An Interview with Cordell Thompson about Junkanoo in the Bahamas

Posted on March 25th, 2013 | Blog Category


Cordell Thompson, local Exuma Historian and Director of the Pompey Center for Studies in Traditional Art, Music, Food and the Unresolved Mysteries, describes the origins and components of the Bahamian Junkanoo festival.


Q: What exactly is Junkanoo?
A: Junkanoo is the colorful, energetic, and breath-taking Bahamian festival that takes place every year on Boxing Day and New Year’s Day. Starting at 2:00 a.m. and coming to an end only when the sun rises (around 9:00 a.m.), hundreds of people dressed in bright, extravagant costumes parade through the streets playing authentic Bahamian instruments, performing choreographed dance routines, and celebrating their culture. The influence of Junkanoo is seen in all aspects of Bahamian society, in the fine arts, in music and dance, and particularly the personality and attitudes of the Bahamian people who understand the necessity for taking time out to celebrate life.

Found at ExpressionsByAnn

Q: When and how did it start? 
A: Around the 16th or 17th century, Bahamian slaves were given several days off around Christmas time, during which they would celebrate by spending time with their families. In their three days of freedom, they would dance, play music, and create costumes as a way to enjoy the holiday. Even after slavery was abolished, this tradition continued in the Bahamas and eventually transformed into the spectacular festival it is today.


Q: Where does Junkanoo take place?
A: Junkanoo has its roots in harvest festivals in the African countries of Ghana and Nigeria. Most Africans who came to the Americas came from these two countries and Junkanoo is celebrated in some shape or form from the Southern United States to as far south as Belize in Central America.… Read More

Lisa Gant and Alex Pelling Marry at Chat N Chill® on 12-12-12

Posted on December 13th, 2012 | Blog,News & Events Category

Chat ‘N’ Chill® Pops The Question to Engaged British Couple Lisa Gant and Alex Pelling to Bring Their
‘Perfect Wedding Destination Search’ off The Beaten Aisle to Marry in The Exotic Exuma Islands of The Bahamas

Global marrying couple, Lisa and Alex of Manchester, England, say “yes” [to The Invite] and continue to their discovery of the world’s cultures and marriage traditions in The Bahamas while building their database of unique customs and unusual places to get married.


GEORGE TOWN, EXUMA, BAHAMAS (December, 2012) – Chat ‘N’ Chill®, Ltd., a Bahamian restaurant, beach bar and special event venue located in The Exumas, invites global marrying couple, Lisa Gant and Alex Pelling of Manchester, England, to marry on their 9 acre private island beach on Stocking Island. “I and thought ‘how cool is that!’ and wonder if they could come here to The Exumas to get married?”, says Kwanza Clay Bowe, co-owner of Chat ‘N’ Chill®.

Their journey began as a longtime desire to see and travel the world. After they saved up their money, sold everything they owned and planned their escape, they decided it might be nice to get married somewhere along the way. “While we both are very romantic, we also like to do things a little bit differently than most. We looked for ‘unique wedding locations,’ ‘wild weddings,’ ‘traveling weddings,’ we read wedding blogs, travel blogs, and love stories but we just couldn’t quite find what we wanted,” Alex said. So they set off to see what they could find on their own.… Read More

Martha Stewart Features Chat 'N Chill®

Posted on April 15th, 2011 | News & Events Category

msw_sip10_covanews_l - chat n chill on martha stewart travel cover

Martha Stewart Goes “Off the Beaten Aisle™” and Features Exuma’s Chat ‘N’ Chill™ for Travel Cover Photo Shoot

America’s Most Trusted Guide to Weddings and Entertaining discovers a hidden jewel of The Caribbean and captures its unpretentious tropical island setting for the backdrop of its Special Travel Issue.


GEORGE TOWN, EXUMA, BAHAMAS (June, 2011) –Chat ‘N’ Chill®, Ltd., a Bahamian restaurant and beach bar and special event venue located in The Exuma Islands, was the location of choice for the wedding cover scene of Martha Stewart Weddings ® Destination & Dream Honeymoons Fall 2010,a special travel issue.  Wedding trendsetter and do-it-yourself entertaining queen, Martha Stewart, found refreshing backdrops at Chat ‘N’ Chill® for today’s brides and grooms seeking unique locations to host their destination wedding.

“Brides and grooms come to us looking to escape the typical big-box wedding experience,” says Kwanza Clay Bowe, owner of Chat ‘N’ Chill® and founder of A Wedding Breeze, Exuma’s premiere destination wedding and event planning company. “Our high achieving bride and groom clients are ‘always on’ and connected with their successful careers and businesses, professionally. Here, they relish in the rustic, laid back surroundings where they can enjoy an intimate ceremony and simply relax with their guests, totally uninterrupted.” In today’s glossy wedding market, where everything often looks the same, some engaged couples are seeking out settings that are not just like the last 5 weddings they recently attended. And no doubt, Martha Stewart is on top of the latest trend and has discovered a hidden jewel amongst The Exuma Islands in the beautiful Islands of The Bahamas.… Read More